At MSK Education, our main product is
our "Joint Assessment Made Easy" Instructional DVD.

This comprehensive video details the musculoskeletal
examination and assessment of joints in both the Upper and
Lower Extremity. The Upper Extremity includes Shoulder
and Back, while the Lower Extremity
includes the Knee, Ankle and Hip.

The video is professionally scripted, edited and produced,
receiving many excellent peer reviews.

Run Time: 100 minutes

Price: $94.99
(Applicable Taxes, Shipping & Handling extra)

Handouts Included

A set of 5 handouts are included with the purchase of the DVD.

These handouts are downloaded from this website in PDF
format, with instructions on how to do so included inside
the DVD case.

The handouts provide a paper record of the musculoskeletal
exam & assessment being performed, with notes on how to
conduct the tests and also includes practice pearls.

Please contact us if you have misplaced the instructions on
how to download the handouts. 
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