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Video Samples
Six sample clips are currently available from the DVD; each clip is approximately 1 minute in length.  One clip is from the Introduction section and one each from the following assessments: Shoulder, Back, Hip, Knee and Ankle.

When you click on the links to the right to view the selected video clip, you will be taken to the video clip display page: the clip you selected will be downloaded to your computer and will then play automatically.  Each clip is approximately 2MB in size, and may take a few seconds to download via a high-speed internet connection and several minutes via a dial-up connection.

If you experience any difficulty with the video not playing or loading incorrectly, it may be that your PC has firewall security set to a high level or additional firewalls other than that which your OS software provides (contained in an anti-virus or add-on security program for example).  You can lower the OS security settings or temporarily pause the additional firewall and try loading the video again.  We do not recommend disabling your OS firewall.
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